September 2020   \\ ZirconiteUK 

ZirconiteUK are pleased to announce an upgrade to the popular ZCBOOSTA coating.  Moving away from the 100ml pump sprayer old format, this exceptional coating will now be provided in a full kit format, similar to that of ZQ9H.

Joint Managing Director Chris Benham stated "ZCBoosta is such a versatile and robust coating we felt that updating and upgrading the to a full kit format would best suit our detailer customers.  Whilst 100ml seemed exceptional value for money, we found through feedback from our important partners, that due to so little of the product being required per car, that 100ml was excessive.  This also with the application method, also meant that too much product was being used and ultimately wasted.  The new 30ml kit comes with application block, micro suedettes and gloves.  30ml will be more than enough to treat a large family car.  We're also pleased to confirm that from 1st September we will be applying a 1 Year guarantee for ZCBoosta, adding  extra consumer benefits also."

ZCBoosta is a fusion of both polysiloxane and polysilazane.  This professional only application can be used on paintwork, glass and can be used as a top coating to NanoGlaze, ZQ9H and now as a stand alone coating.

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